• Europe Travel Guide 2018

    1. Check Visa Requirements One guaranteed way to ruin your trip is being denied entry into the country you are visiting because you don’t have a tourist visa. While most countries in Europe don’t require a visa for short visits, it’s best to know which [...]

  • The Beauty of Bike Touring

    Cycling holidays aren’t just for top-tier athletes. Some of the most beautiful bike trails take in the countryside on gentle paths that allow you to enjoy the scenery over strenuous pedaling. These tours are very popular throughout Europe and offer a great way to slow [...]

  • Traveler’s Checklist 2018

    Essentials for any holiday passport and copy of it; email a copy of it to yourself visa document and copy of it; email a copy of it to yourself insurance documents (including EHIC card if applicable) and copies of them; email a copy of them to yourself [...]


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